After adding support for FactoryTalk licenses to Emulate3D v14 software users will be able to choose activation method in the end software. Both FactoryTalk Activation Manager and Universal License Server (ULS) will be still supported. Emulate3D software versions prior to v.14 are supporting only ULS activations.

The Emulate3D products – Ultimate, Controls Testing, Sim3D, Demo3D, and Layout3D all use the same executable. Your license code will enable the specific purchased functionality.
Decide on the activation method you prefer. There are 3 options:
ULS – Emulate3D hosted activation server – concurrent.
NLS – Locally hosted license server – concurrent.
USB – this method provides a node–locked activation via USB key.

Migration procedure FTA/ULS
Customer will work with Emulate3D team to release ULS activation and send confirmation to Rockwell Tech Support, that license is available and will be "locked" in ULS system
Rockwell Tech Support will change status of customers FTA license from "Blacklisted" to "Available" with proper comment.
License is ready to be downloaded in FactoryTalk Activation Manager
Customer will work with Rockwell Tech Support to release FTA activation
Rockwell Tech Support will gather required customer information to generate ULS license
Gathered customer information has to be sent to support@demo3d.com with information, that the FTA license has been released.
After providing customer with ULS activation Rockwell Tech Support has to change FTA activation in RADAR to "Blacklisted" status with proper comment.