Product: 1789-L60 SoftLogix 5800 L60 ESD Controller
Version: 20.04.00
Instructions: Run the .exe to extract the image.
FileSize: 344.8 MB
CheckSum: aae3e63e5d8eef909a02a79a8ec0d6e8
SoftLogix Version 20 Compatible Software

System Requirements

Catalog Numbers 1789­L10, 1789­L30, 1789­L60

Compatible software for SoftLogix 5800, version 20.04.00

FactoryTalk Activation Manager|3.50.00

System Requirements
Base Platform Requirements:

Intel Pentium 4 1.6GHz
A minimum of 1Gb of RAM
64 Mb of free hard disk space per controller instance (or more based on application requirements)
800 X 600 video resolution
Any Windows-compatible pointing device

Operating System (32-bit only) :

Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher (recommended)
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Standard Edition

Product Revision Information
SoftLogix5800 Version 20.01.B4 requires the following:

Software Product Compatible Versions:

RSLinx 2.59 or higher
RSLogix5000 Version 20.01.B4
IOLinx for DeviceNet 2.01.29
RSNetworx for DeviceNet 11.00
RSNetworx for ControlNet 11.00
PCI Card Firmware and Driver Versions:

Universal PCI cards (Series B)

1784-PCIC/B, 1784-PCICS/B 4.10 firmware and driver version 4.06
1784-PCIDS/B 3.016 firmware and driver version 2.01

5 Volt only PCI cards (Series A)

1784-PCIC/A, 1784-PCICS/A 3.10 firmware and driver version 4.06
1784-PCIDS/A 2.008 firmware and driver version 2.01

IMPORTANT: Note: This version of the 1784-PM02AE and 1784-PM16SE firmware is only compatible with SoftLogix5800 Version V19.00.00 and greater